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Deshin History
This is a summary of Deshin


The Early Days

DESHIN Pte Ltd was incorporated in 1991 as a metal work sub-contractor, undertaking minor sub-contract Architectural metal and finishing work, eg. Skylights, glazing work, general steel work, etc.



In 1996, Deshin Pte Ltd was renamed Deshin Engineering & Construction Pte Ltd. With the new and existing pool of experienced and professional personnel, Deshin embarked to secure larger scale specialised Architectural work the industry has to offer, that include curtain walling work, stainless steel work, aluminium work, cladding, etc.



Deshin went on to get accreditate with various Quality Policies and Constructions Certifications in its quest to streamline and improve its operational processes.


In recent years, DESHIN had expanded to include General Building and Civil Engineering work, which was part of her integration plan and synergistic move to further enhance the company’s capability and competitiveness, above all, providing also total solution to its customers in the building and construction industry.

Our Operations Team

"I have been working here for 5 years and it is a great company to be in."

- Wang


"Working environment is very safe and clean. I enjoy my work here."

- Rashed


"Everyday is different. The job is fun and I get to do interesting projects."

- Sui


"My drawings helped to materialize all the plans and make things happen."

- Jose


Safe and Comfortable Working Environment

Innovative Architectural Construction Solutions

What we do

We MANUFACTURE, DESIGN, FABRICATE AND INSTALL specialized Architectural work, e.g. skylights, curtain walls, cladding work, space frames, windows and doors, access raised floor and other special customized feature according to the needs, specification and performance criteria for private, commercial, institutional and industrial buildings.

How we do

From conceptual design stage to fabrication and installation, we work very closely with consultants, clients and / or their representatives with an objective to minimize any unforeseen circumstances and to present the integrity/aesthetic value of each and every project in a most cost effective method and within a shortest construction time frame.

Our Track Records

Today, DESHIN, back by a good track record and equipped with expertise and experience, is capable to respond to any requirement for a wide spectrum of projects. We are thankful to be appointed as a preferred construction partner for key infrastructure, public works and commercial projects and will continue to do our best for you.

The Outcome of Our Passion